It’s only a bike

I never really fell in love with my road bike mainly because I never really felt comfortable on it. I hate punctures and I hate discomfort on my bike, so on a whim (and also to free up some space in the flat) I sold it.

This bike was the fastest machine I’ve owned, it was (in some ways) a joy to ride, I will miss it, I will hanker after a light weight road bike in future, but I can always draw on the memories of punctures, arm and shoulder pain and how unsafe they feel compared with fat (40mm) tyres that I am accustomed to.
Of course I was 3MPH faster on this bike, that extra speed was nice and I miss that sometimes.

Road bikes are like sports cars, they draw the eye of onlookers and you get a lot more attention on one, which was nice at times but a strange feeling to get used to. Also they are for weekend sprints only as you couldn’t feasibly commute to work on one.


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