Monthly Archives: September 2011

Where is autumn?

The past couple of days have also been a mini heat wave, I almost want autumn to start, but then it’ll be slippery, sludgy leaf mush – I hate that! For the moment it’s crunchy acorns under the wheels.

Spotted : a real monster

A friend spotted this today:

Hopefully he won’t mind me sharing this photo, but it’s a monster 60 tooth chainring (he did the counting, not me) on an shimano alphine hubed bike. This dwarfs my 48T chainring on my Thorn Raven Rohloff. All I can think is that maybe it’s stuck in bottom gear!

Cold air pockets

Yesterday evening I saw the first signs of winter, which I normally notice as cold air pockets.

There I was cycling down a slight incline (note to self surely it’s decline?) nice and warm and bam I get the fridge door feeling. It was nice, but at the same time a sure sign that winter is not far away.

Still, I’m sure there’s a good few weeks of shorts and t-shirt cycling left here in the UK.

Do low calorie electrolyte sports drinks work for you?

I’m sitting on the fence, but the advertising spouts out research figures as proof that they work, so I would like to see what you think from your experiences

Helmet sir?

I choose to wear a helmet because out of court settlements are less for cyclists who weren’t wearing a helmet (so┬ácases suggest so I’d like to know why people wear them.

Apples and strawberries!

Climbing the apple tree to pick the bramleys reminds me of my childhood, it was so much fun, I can only recommend it.
The only down side to it is that now I’m older it felt very unsafe and stupid and not nearly as naughty because this time it is my tree in my back garden rather than someone else’s.

I also haven’t had cooked apple in a long while and I really enjoyed it… but there is a big box of apples so I’m sure by the end of the box I’ll be sick of it until next year. We’ve even off-loaded some on the neighbours as we’ll never get through them all. Does anyone know how to make apple crumble? Please help!

What’s odd though is the strawberry plants have grown three strawberries this late in the season, probably more than they did in the whole of the summer! This year the weather is messed up.

edit: 02/10/2011 – today I also relieved next doors’s tree of some eating apples, they weren’t as bad as my neighbour had led me to believe, so I’m glad he’s got plenty to share ­čÖé

Front wheel skid

I did a two metre (or more) front wheel skid today, I jumped off and dropped my bike in the dirt and my pannier bag was covered. Annoyingly I wasn’t even going quickly, I slowed to a crawl because I know it’s a tricky bit after rain, but it is on a slight downhill, so that probably carried it onwards, though slimey mud offers no grip anyway. So for the second time (different place) in a year I’ve avoided injury that I would otherwise have had if I was clip(less)ed onto the pedals. Granted, neither occurrence was on the road, but this only reaffirms my believe that the day I get clipless pedals I will injure myself.