10 miles is too far to cycle commute?

In the latest CTC mag I noticed the section where Chris Peck says why he is not car free, one reason is that his commute to work is 10 miles.

Now, on first reflection I scoffed at that, but when you think about it, if he does long club rides at the weekend then 20 miles per day on top of that is too much.

Cycle commuting 18 miles each way is a lot more hassle and time consuming for me than driving, so I can see why it doesn’t appeal at times.
On the other hand, I’ve combined my hobby with getting to/from work, and since giving up badminton I’m not out till 11pm like I used to be, so I am home more / all evenings of the week.

I recommend cycling to work (under 20 miles) to anyone, until I moved house I did do 22 miles each way for a couple of months and that was too far!


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