Helmet sir?

I choose to wear a helmet because out of court settlements are less for cyclists who weren’t wearing a helmet (so cases suggest http://www.cyclistsdefencefund.org.uk/cycle-helmets-and-contributory-negligence/recent-cases) so I’d like to know why people wear them.


3 responses to “Helmet sir?

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  2. Richard Burton

    I choose to wear a helmet because out of court settlements are less for cyclists who weren’t wearing a helmet (so cases suggest http://www.cyclistsdefencefund.org.uk/cycle-helmets-and-contributory-negligence/recent-cases)…………..

    Are you sure you’ve read this? Because it details many cases where compensation was not reduced because they weren’t wearing a helmet, so I’m not quite sure why you draw the opposite conclusion? You also don’t have a button for the vote “I don’t wear one because I’ve read the evidence” But you do have one to vote yes, “for legal reasons” but there is no law, so what possible legal reasons could there be? and you have one for “compensation reasons” when there is no evidence to show that compensation will be reduced.

    The evidence from more than twenty years of Australia and NZ and everywhere else which has had a propaganda campaign to promote helmets: cycle helmets don’t make cyclists safer, and some research shows that the make it more dangerous.

    Perhaps you could post a link to cyclehelmets.org so that people could read the facts about helmets before voting.

    I can’t help thinking that you’re just a closet helmet promoter.

    • Out of court settlements, I quote:
      “It is therefore very important to note that these solicitors, acting on behalf of the claimant, in common with many others, routinely proposed a discount for a failure to wear a cycle helmet, in this case a figure of 20 per cent.”
      maybe my wording in the poll is misleading, out of court settlements (i.e. before compensation is ruled upon) is what I mean.

      In your case choose “No: Other reason”, I didn’t want too many options.
      In some countries there are laws requiring helmets be worn on cycles, so that’s why I’ve included that option, but you are right, it is good to point out that in the UK there is no legal reason.

      No helmet promotion from me, only the reason why I prefer to wear one and asking why others do or don’t.

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