Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

There’s no profit in peace, but there is profit in cycling!

After reading a blog post: Cycling Coder – Why bikes “expensive”
I thought I’d add my pennies worth on my blog about it too.

People (non cyclists in this case) thought I was mad paying £1000 for a ten-year old touring bicycle. I am mad, but not for that reason, the bicycle is still worth £1000 even after a years worth of cycling.
An item is only worth what people are willing to pay for it, whether it is new or second-hand you might say.

If I were a normal person on the street I would:
– spend hundreds of pounds per year on a gym membership and not actually go.
– spend hundreds of pounds extra per year for a fancy phone contract when there is nothing wrong with my current phone.
– spend £1500 per year on petrol commuting to work (this cost keeps going up too).
– plus many other expensive things

I am not normal, I don’t need gym membership, fancy phones or petrol to get to work, I am a cyclist and doing the maths, my bike has actually saved me money, how many hobbies do that for you?

The next time someone says “you spent how much on that?” or “it cost how much, I could buy a car for that?” then remember my words “they aren’t necessarily stupid, but they aren’t cyclists either”.