Ouch, the wing mirror won

This morning I was rolling past a queue of traffic and up to a set of traffic lights, there wasn’t much room, but enough to go past on almost all the cars. A couple were a squeeze for the cyclist ahead but were OK for me, but I must have misjudged the yellow one – maybe I thought it was a bollard 🙂 – and I clipped the wing mirror with my thy. Wing mirrors normally move when they are knocked, not this blighter, and my thy is killing me; dead leg syndrome.
At least I can rest it until the ride home, they’d better not do a fire alarm test as I ain’t going down stairs at 11AM, heck if it’s a real fire I may just jump out the window and take the pain all in one go.


3 responses to “Ouch, the wing mirror won

  1. Hope the ride home was OK?

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