Summer’s gone, days spent with the bike and sun

Yes, yesterday was a gilet day, today was a gilet day too, so the rubbish weather has started.
Some people miss summer and give up cycling for the winter, but winter has some lovely cycling days and they are really missing out. Rain, snow, ice etc are just variations of weather and I like them all in small doses. I have tyres for ice and rain or snow won’t stop me either, cycling is fun, in winter I slow down a tad, but it’s still more fun that any traffic jam I’ve ever been in. Oh, the thing I do love about winter is watching people scrap ice from their cars, there is an immense satisfaction I get from cycling along with a smile enjoying the elements and stripping off a layer to cool down whilst people shiver as they scrap the ice off their cars and glance at me all warm looking.
So, here’s to winter, welcome old friend and adversary.

What is a gilet day you ask?
It’s when it just too chilly (below 8 degrees celsius) to start the ride with only t-shirt and shorts so I sling my gilet on too.
What gilet do you have you ask?
Well, I am pretty happy with my gilet, it is one of these:
dhb Windslam Gilet
(in black)
Some people don’t see the point of them, but at this temperature I just need something to give me warmth until I’ve got a couple of miles in and I’m stripping it off or unzipping and feeling like a superhero.


2 responses to “Summer’s gone, days spent with the bike and sun

  1. I went for a ride this morning, (I’m on annual leave this week), my usual down and back up the valley, with a couple of sideroads to up the mileage, probably 25 miles or so, I’ve still to get a computer that works. The temperature was the coldest yet this year, and I wore a long sleeved cycling vest with a t-shirt over it, which, after 800 yards or so, felt warm enough. But for awhile after that I could feel the cold on my hands through my thin cycling gloves, so as you say winter is on the way. I’ve had three bad falls on ice over the last couple of years, and will chicken out if there is ice or snow on the ground. I’ve ummed and ahhed about specific snow and ice tyres, but never got round to getting any. Anyway, I’m going to dig out the turbo trainer for the (few hopefully) days we have any snow and ice about.

  2. I bought a GPS logger, it’s a bit old compared with what you can get nowadays, but it’s cheaper:
    I use it for fun rides, or used to before I started commuting so much.

    The Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres are what I use and they really work, obviously ice is ice, so care is required, but the extra grip is essential:

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