The big scary Smart car

Who would have thought it, a Smart car is scary?
I’ve developed an irrational fear of Smart cars.

I could end my blog post there, but there’s a reason behind this irrational fear, honest!

Whilst cruising down the main urban artery near my work the road is a 50MPH, it should probably be a 40MPH, most cars do that anyway. There are pedestrian islands in the middle of the hatched area between the carriageways (not seen any horses recently though). Now for most cars there isn’t enough room to go past, so the patient ones wait and then overtake using the hatched area in between the pedestrian islands, occasionally some idiots squeeze past when there really isn’t enough room. When these idiots go past one has to brace and be prepared to take any grids or pot holes as they come as there is no maneuvering space to go around them also the eject reflex is primed just incase. So, without knowing how big the overtaking car is I get freaked out when Smart cars overtake in this situation, of course there’s enough room for two of them to fit past 🙂

Unless it’s one of these:


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