Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

Oil change and tiny service

Thursday and Friday my chain popped off once on the way to work and once on the way back. This is a sure sign I needed to tighten it, so I planned to give my bike a tiny service of sorts today.

My chain was jam-packed with grit and muck, more so than usual, so it’s another sign it was due.
Well, to add to this, checking my records, I was a few miles past oil change schedule so I thought I’d better do that too.

Clean chain – Spare rags, WD-40 and a broken spoke to clean. Finish Line Cross Country Wet Chain Lube to re-lubricate. Sometimes I use a chain cleaning device, but then you have to clean that, wash the chain in water to get the citrus degreaser off, use WD-40 to (attempt to) drive the water out then re-lubricate. Other times (like today) I just use the WD-40 and rags to clean the chain with the broken spoke to poke out the hard to reach chunks of filth. The chain cleaning device works better but always seems a bit more of a faff.

Tighten chain – Loosen eccentric bottom bracket bolts, rotate bottom bracket, tighten bolts again. It is important to have some play in the chain, leaving the chain tight will cause extra stress on the internals of the hub and in theory cause premature wear.

Rohloff oil change – Since winter is almost upon us I used about 15ml Rohloff oil and about 7ml Rohloff cleaning oil.

Checked brakes – I’ve kept them tuned up, so I was checking the state of the pads, they are looking worn still, no surprise there, I’ll change the front ones next time I think. I picked out a small amount of aluminium from the front pads.

As per usual I thought about cleaning the frame and wheels, but it’d only be dirty again by Friday so I didn’t bother.