3 years cycling saved me £1845 in car costs

My biannual cycling mileage totals for the past three years:

2008 (H2) = 1600 miles
2009 (H1) = 1100 miles
2009 (H2) = 1400 miles
2010 (H1) = 1500 miles
2010 (H2) = 3500 miles
2011 (H1) = 3700 miles

of these 10060 miles were commuting miles or at least miles cycled instead of using my car, this roughly equates to £1845 (given the cost of petrol at the time plus 5p wear and tear per mile). Of course if I didn’t still have a car the savings would be three times this, but the car costs me money even if I don’t drive it anywhere!

The reality is that I took up cycling as my main hobby and stopped my other sporting activities, in doing so this money has paid for about half of my cycling hobby, which is a lot less than I was spending on either of my previous hobbies (football and badminton). Of course, most of the three years I’ve been collecting clothing, tools and a couple of bikes, so the hobby cost will keep falling (unless I keep buying bikes) and maybe even end up being a hobby that pays for itself (or even better; a hobby that truly saves me money).


2 responses to “3 years cycling saved me £1845 in car costs

  1. “…the car costs me money even if I don’t drive it anywhere!” That’s what gets me. I had decided that as I’m retiring this month I shall give up driving the car. However, as long as it’s parked outside the house, in case my wife needs to use it… 😕 !

    • I’m still trying to convert my wife into a cyclist. She hasn’t been on the bike recently, so I’m not doing a good job.
      In the beginning cycling gave women independence, now they fear it will remove their independence as they are “only independent if they have a car” so they claim. Yes having kids and no car is hassle, but people managed without before, why not now?

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