What kind of idiot is best? My vehicle hate rule.

I was thinking, really, for once, what is worst:

A: An idiot walking
B: An idiot running
C: An idiot on a bicycle
D: An idiot on a motorbike
E: An idiot in a small car
F: An idiot in an average car
G: An idiot in a big car
H: An idiot in a massive/4×4 car

Naturally my decision is H, but then I do see a lot of idiots driving 4x4s, so maybe the two go hand in hand.

Cars do turn 99% of people into idiots.

I’m pretty sure people complain about C and D more than any other. And when they do complain about bicycles it will be because the cyclist is doing something the complainers think is really bad or dangerous (mainly) to the cyclist or even something they aren’t allowed to (or can’t) do in their cars. There is no defence for these cyclists and of course I don’t condone those cyclists’ behaviours (unless the cyclist is me), but car drivers are the bigger danger and nuisance, so please focus on that and of course remember that 99% of complainers are habitual speeders in their car thus endangering OTHERS in a much more severe way.

Of course I have no way to prove my percentages other than to say they are 100% correct and to swiftly move on from the subject.

My vehicle hate rule (doesn’t apply in cities – where everyone hates each other):
When walking I hate motor vehicles and rarely anything else (p.s. OK, add in dog poo).
When on my bike I hate motor vehicles and rarely anything else.
When in the car I hate everything except a few sensible lorry drivers.

Now, does the vehicle hate rule apply to you?
Think about it next time you are out and about and a car nearly runs you down or a car nearly drives into the side of your lovely (sensibly driven) car, how do you feel, what do you hate now, is it a cyclist? I didn’t think so.
You can try to keep score if you like, I tried on one drive to work, but the cars past 10 before I saw the tenth cyclist!


4 responses to “What kind of idiot is best? My vehicle hate rule.

  1. If you can catch any of the real fools, send them to me and I’ll happily crush them in a kart race…. With the booby prize being that they have to cycle to work for a week. That’ll sort them.

  2. I saw a classic today. A guy on a bike heading for a cross roads. A woman coming from the right hand junction decided the guy has going to turn left (although he didnt do anything to suggest that) so she just pulled out to cross the junction and he had to go left otherwise he would have gone over the car. Now I drive to work everyday and i’ve had the odd run in with cyclists (you’re never in the wrong when you’re commuting) but this incident was actually quite scary – she just carried on like nothing although she definitely saw him

    • Being a cyclist of course makes me a more considerate (and safer) driver towards cyclists.

      The driver you saw obviously owns the road and has the right to that space (even though two seconds later the cyclist would have been gone).
      I’ve found that a glance to see what is coming from a junction on the left can be enough for some drivers to think you are going to turn off, even though no indication is made and when a driver thinks there is a chance the cyclist will be turning off that gives them the right to pull out. Or so they think.

      The rules of the road are broken more than is necessary and for no actual gain other than stress and anger. Some people don’t know the rules and think they have rights over others when there are a lot of giveways that should but don’t happen.

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