Fixing the bike in darkness

I got fed up trying to fix or do routine maintenance on the bike in darkness last winter and I vowed to “buy a lantern next winter”.
Well, I didn’t, instead I bought myself one of those LED headtorch things:

What’s great about this one is the LED is powerful and you can adjust the brightness to any level by holding the on button (it flashes off when at the lowest setting).
It’s ideal for night-time work, but I also hang it from my shed roof and turn it on so I can see when I lock / unlock my bike.

3 responses to “Fixing the bike in darkness

  1. So bike surgery can last well into the night, also the headtorch would be ideal out on the road, at night, for on the spot remedial work. It looks a real winner, I’ll be asking for one in my Christmas stocking.

    • It also tilts, so I can point it down in front of me.
      Other options are to dangle a powerful torch or bike light from the shed roof on some string.
      You could buy a lantern, but I decided a head torch has more uses and taking only one rechargeable is more manageable.

  2. I recently also used this light for decorating in poor light and various other tasks in poor light; I’m glad I bought this light.

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