Maintenance stand

There’s no doubt about it, I always wanted a maintenance stand. A couple of years ago I got one for Christmas (after lots of droning on about the exact one I wanted – started in October if I remember correctly).
Everyone should have one, yes you can manage without, but it’s a joy to have one and fiddling with gears (if you are derailleur person) or brakes is much less, errr, fiddly.

My stand can hold the bike at any angle and the height is also adjustable which is lovely. It can hold the bike via the seatpost or the frame (which is a nice feature for step-through “girlie” frames).
The stand I have is a Park Tool PCS-9 Home Mechanic Repair Stand.

Sometimes a product does need a tweak, so as it is not a quick release on the height adjustment I added a quick release from an old seat post clamp:

Last night I fitted new brake pads and I was reminded how nice it is to have a stand to lend a hand.

4 responses to “Maintenance stand

    • It cost three weeks petrol money 🙂
      Definitely another good investment and it stores easily enough since it folds up and even comes apart easily enough.

      • Perhaps next year I’ll get one, it’s the only way I’m going to improve my maintenance skills, by actually having a go. The potch of moving around while trying to keep the bike steady at the same time, with the sense of needing a third hand is so frustrating, not good when you have very little patience like myself.

        • The alternatives are two bits of rope and hang the bike from a shed (or garage) roof beam or a tree, some people even put hooks up on outside walls. The stand holds the bike still though, which you can’t achieve with ropes.

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