Today’s annoyance was a loose crank bolt

On the weekend I removed my Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB) to see if a Raven Sport Tour EBB would fit my Raven Tour. It doesn’t, that’s why there are two different ones available, obviously!
On the left is my old Raven Tour EBB, on the right is a nearly new Raven Sport Tour EBB:

A friend had some troubles with a crank bolt coming loose not so long ago, so the incident was fresh in my mine and whilst re-fitting my cranks I did think, this is a large allen key I’m using, but I was sure I had one in my toolkit. Whenever crank bolts are fitted they do need to be re-tightened and checked at least once a few miles in, I knew that, but it must have slipped my mind.
Not even a hundred miles after this my crank came loose (this morning) at around the half way stage, great, 9 miles to work with no way of tightening the bolt. I kept tightening it as best I could until I got to a Halfords shop which was about 3 miles to work, it wasn’t open yet, so I sat there waiting for them to open so I could buy an 8mm allen key.
This is what I bought:

And the set of 8 allen keys cost me £9.99, annoying, but less annoying than having to get to work then home without having tightened it. On relection these are the biggest allen keys I’ve even seen, they are extra long and specifically intended as “Long reach for all cycle applications”, really, I’ve never needed anything longer than a standard allen key and I only bought these as they were cheaper than the others on the shelf and (more specifically) I was in a rush.
I guess it is just one of those days, still, I have a lovely ride home to look forward to.


One response to “Today’s annoyance was a loose crank bolt

  1. Currently I’m being annoyed by a faint clicking sound, as I pedal, and it seems to emanate from the right pedal? I think perhaps my pedal needs a grease injection.

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