Oracle: Ampersand (&) substitution in SQL Developer

Try this:
and you will get a popup:

Ampersand is used to denote a substitution variable, great, but in this case I just want the & character in my string. A workaround is to put the ampersand at the end of a string, so the following will work:
Where || is the Oracle string concatenation function.


3 responses to “Oracle: Ampersand (&) substitution in SQL Developer

  1. or you can first run this right in SQL developer: “set define off;”

    which turns off substitution and leaves ampersands in strings alone until you open a new session or reverse it wth “set define on;”

  2. Raju Nagulapalli

    This below solution will work.
    select ‘TEST1’||’&’||’TEST2’ from dual;

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