Export SQL Server data and import into Oracle

It’s worth making a note of characterset issues as we come across them.

Let’s say I have some data in SQL Server:

SELECT 'Jörg' AS Name

And I export it using the “Save Results As…” option and save as test.csv.

Great, now we have this unicode file and we need to import it, for the unicode character to be supported by Oracle SQL Developer there is a setting you may need to change.
With the default setting of Cp1252:

when I open the test.csv I see:

Those with a keen eye will spot the Byte Order Mark (BOM), but ouch, look at what has happened to Jörg.

So let’s change the Encoding setting to UTF-8:

Then reopen and voila:

The Oracle SQL Developer Data Import Wizard can trick you too, if Encoding setting is set to default then it won’t be the UTF-8 we’ve set, you will need to manually change this to UTF-8 each time you do an import:


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