Another pair of headphones broken

Last night when I got home I took off my headphones and placed them on top of my bar bag, I normally place them inside, but last night I was probably not paying a lot of attention. By the time I had walked the bike from the gate to the shed the headphone cable had tangled in the front wheel and snapped. Gutted.
They were good headphones (compared with the rubbish I normally buy) and I now have to go back to using some really rubbish ones, though it won’t be long before I’ve broken those too given my past history. Christmas is coming, but I won’t be getting any headphones 😦

The mp3 player is still going, so keeping it dry inside the bar bag is working a treat.

There is no chance of the headphones getting caught in the wheel whilst cycling because they are in my ears, so no danger to me from using them.


2 responses to “Another pair of headphones broken

  1. I got one of IPod headphones in my tea by mistake recently.

    That ear bud didn’t work afterwards…

    • I keep thinking waterproof ones would be good, but of course they would still have broken in the wheel. The biggest water damage problem I had was mp3 players dying on me frequently. The bar bag solves that.

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