70MPH signs

A BBC article about road sign design has a 70 MPH speed sign in it. This instantly reminded me of trips down the A55 in North Wales, where they still have 70MPH signs, nobody I’ve asked can explain it, but it’s worth a glance.

First off they change it into some sort of A road that doesn’t allow cycles or slow motorbikes, I’ve no idea why, but then why would you cycle down the A55 anyway, it’d be madness:

Then come the signs that I’ve always loved:

I’ve not seen them anywhere else, but then I’m not well travelled compared with some.
Please no jokes about North Wales being backward, it’s a lovely place.
I’d love to see other peoples observations of strange signs from their areas/travels.


One response to “70MPH signs

  1. You’ve got me thinking, I can’t think of anywhere with these signs today, but I’m also not well travelled these days.

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