The end of the bendy bus is a good thing for cyclists

They were long and bendy, but today is apparently their last day (see BBC) and I think cyclists should rejoice that they are no more. I do hope bendy buses never make a come back. Of course a minor section of the public with accessibility needs are deemed to be impacted, but local dial-a-ride services are available and money should be put into them rather than special (and expensive) buses.

Our next concern is of course the super massive gigantic lorries (see the CTC campaign against them). These types of vehicle have no place in built up areas, if they want to have them on motorways and have loading/unloading at designated places (a bit like train freight) then good, but allowing them onto minor roads is just going to lead to more deaths in the name of progress. I hate this kind of progress, things are fine now, make things safer if you want to make progress!


2 responses to “The end of the bendy bus is a good thing for cyclists

  1. Radically, make busses for disabled people only, ban the cars and force everyone else to cycle (or walk if they have not taken the evolutionary step). I actually think that’d make sense in central London…

    • Bicycle taxis would work too, then there’d be no vehicles except delivery vans and lorries, they can do their work out of hours thereby leaving the roads void of anything other than bicycles during the day.

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