To Ibuprofen or to not?

When I first re-started cycling I used to carry Ibuprofen with me on rides just incase I injured myself, it is a great and cheap drug.
Today I read a BBC article on it, Ibuprofen at 50 and unfortunately it’s pretty true, I don’t know my doctor and I buy Ibuprofen and self-medicate when I need to.

Fortunately I don’t visit my doctor often and even less now I’ve given up impact sports and focus on cycling only, in fact I don’t think I’ve been this healthy before. My feet are in great condition, no hard skin, no blisters or anything like that. I spend less money on cycling that any other sport I’ve played too. I haven’t used Ibuprofen for a long time now, so maybe people should replace Ibuprofen with cycling and give up the other sports as I did?

I gave up carrying Ibuprofen after a few months of cycling (once I was more confident) and I’ve not really fallen off since either, so I don’t think it is required, of course if I went on a tour I would carry some even though it can be bought anywhere nowadays. Note: Dropping the bike in a pile of mud and jumping off doesn’t count as falling off, it is a controlled dismount.


One response to “To Ibuprofen or to not?

  1. Only two things in my cycle touring medical kit, super glue, good for instant sutures and a big box of Vitamin I.

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