Cheap chain whip = false economy? #cycling

I am the kind of person who doesn’t use bike shops for maintaining my machine, I like the convenience (and saving money) of doing the maintenance I can at home, it’s a learning process at times, but given the right tools it’s pretty easy stuff. But the only thing more annoying than having to spend my hard-earned cash (no comments please) on bicycle tools I won’t use very often is spending cash for them to be used a couple of times before needing replacing.

This post is dedicated to cheap tools, some you can scrimp on, others are worth the investment. I mistakenly thought I could get by with a cheap chain whip:
Sure, it worked well the first time I removed my Rohloff sprocket but it came off fairly easily compared with subsequent removals and replacements. So much so that the second use and the sprocket wasn’t budging, I had the Rohloff sprocket removal tool in a vice and heaving on the chain whip trying to loosen the sprocket. The cheap chain whip just bent in my hands, pointless straightening it, no fixing it, so into the metal recycling it went leaving me with a sprocket I couldn’t remove until I’d bought a new chain whip.
I bit the bullet and splashed out on a top rate chain whip with a view of needing one for the rest of my life it’d be worth the investment and I wouldn’t regret it:
This Park Tool beast is in no way comparable to the cheap one, it is in every way better, stronger, longer and more comfortable to hold. It could easily be classed as a dangerous weapon as it is a big chunk of metal bar. Anyway, I tried the Park Tool SR2 and with much less effort the sprocket popped off from its seal and hub oil sprayed out under the vacuum it created. My pregnant wife was nearly sick at the stink of the Rohloff hub oil, it was a wonderful moment of success and comedy.

I will recommend the Park Tool SR2 to anyone who is interested, they don’t come cheap, but they are solid and I wouldn’t be without one now.

If you need the tools, buy them and invest where necessary.


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