Today’s commute took some tenacity #cycling #wind #weather

Today’s commute took some tenacity, compared with a my normal speed ride in it took 15 minutes longer! At one point I was cycling up a hill towards the end of my ride at 5.5MPH thinking if the wind would start blowing me backwards at some point. The Met Office site says it was a head wind of 20MPH gusting at 45MPH, but I think that one was even more.
My bike felt so very heavy, but of course that will be the non-aero nature of my setup, cyclingcoder would have been fine.
Today might have been a good day for a rucksack and a road bike.

Some unfortunate property owner has four, yes four fence panels to fix, they weren’t even all together, it was one up and one down all the way along his/her fence. I’m just hoping my bike shed survives.

I still enjoyed the ride in, of course, but gosh am I feeling tired (and running late) now.

My tip for riding in windy conditions is to not ride in the gutter, you should never do that anyway, but ride even further out than normal to put cars off from squeezing past and give you that extra buffer when the wind buffets you.


4 responses to “Today’s commute took some tenacity #cycling #wind #weather

  1. I know what you mean about the wind!! It’s been horrible the past few days (on the way in, at least – nice tailwind on the way home). What I’ve been doing on the worst days is taking the bus in to work, and riding on the way home. I’ve got a folding bike though, so it’s really easy for me to do that.

    • I’ve always wanted a folding bike with a Rohloff, turns out I have no use for one at the current time, but I seem to wish I had one at least 5 times a year.
      Mixed mode transport is a good idea, but I can’t let myself give in, if I can’t cycle then I stay home and sulk. But I rarely give in.

  2. These winds have been very testing, but enjoyable all the same. I can’t think of anything better, than being out there, tested by the elements, we cyclists are a lucky bunch. It appears more and more, in my neck of the woods anyway, are out there with me. On certain stretches of my commute, I wouldn’t see another cyclists, nowadays I’m guaranteed to see two or three, and on the busier sections lots more. I have to say it though, I don’t like sharing the roads with them, selfish I suppose.

    • No matter what I say about traffic and cars, if the roads were packed with pedestrians and cyclists in a massive mash up of green commuting then it wouldn’t be as much fun, safer maybe, but there is a lot to be said for the current setup in some ways.

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