Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tyres losing their studs

I witnessed a nearly lost stud on my Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyre:

I simply pushed the stud back in. Apparently this is common until the studs bed in, but I think it’s a bit of a weak thing to say, there is clearly a design flaw with these tyres. That aside I keep buying these tyres as there isn’t much alternative here in the UK and I wouldn’t be without them. I try my best to minimize stud loss by checking my tyres regularly for nearly lost studs and also by avoiding dragging tyres and cornering too quickly (probably for the best in winter anyway).
I do have a nice stash of used studs in an old tyre, so I can replace any that do get lost, I also passed some onto a friend of mine who’d lost a few.

It is worth mentioning that these tyres are a real life saver in winter and I wouldn’t be commuting via bicycle in winter without them.


2 responses to “Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tyres losing their studs

  1. I’ve been commuting by bike all winter (admittedly about a 10th the distance) and there were only about 3 days I would have liked a studded tyre.

    • My spreadsheet says there were a few more days than that for me, but this year was particularly good compared with last year.
      I find it isn’t worth risking a slippery frosty road first thing in the morning, plus some of route has very slippery leaves once frozen/frosted.

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