This morning was a lovely frosty morning

This morning was the first frosty morning in while and we’ve had good weather till now, but I’ve been rolling on ice tyres for some time, all prepared for worse weather that never came.

So this morning I set off from my house, feeling chilled but starting to warm up by the time I reach the end of the road, I flew past unhappy looking people scraping the ice off their car windscreens and I was reminded of how much I enjoy the feeling of watching others scrap their cars and shiver in winter. They are running late, the car won’t start, the car is iced up, everyone is rushing, everyone is angry. I’m happy, warming up with every stroke and not long before I’m overheating and stripping off to the envious looks of the ice scraping car lovers.

It was -2 celsius but I was still wearing shorts, for some reason it didn’t seem cold enough for tights, but it probably was 🙂

Winter is a nice time to ride (though I say that about any time to be honest) but it does require careful and planned cycling. My Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres really do help gripping a frosty road, but even so, the best form of defence is “to go careful”, slow movements, no sharp turns, plan your route, plan your speed (and reduce it) and so on.


6 responses to “This morning was a lovely frosty morning

  1. I love riding in the cold (though not ice), apart from my hands which get cold quickly. Might look for some sort of active warming.

    Also, the face, to have something warm enough but without glasses steaming up whenever I stop.

    • I use two pairs of gloves, not on that ride, but normally when it is sub zero I have my longer finger cycling gloves then big warm or wooley gloves on top.

      I like buffs, they are just a hoop of cycling rag in some ways, but easy enough to pull up and down. Go for the thin buff, I never liked the fleece one, it’s like trying to breath through a fleece jumper, doesn’t work for me.

      Puff misting up glasses is a constant winter annoyance, but lowering the specs down the nose helps a bit.

  2. I don’t have winter tyres, i.e., studded, so my ride home after my nighshift on Saturday morning was “careful”, fortunately, I had no problem. This evening another nightshift to go to, will be checking forecast carefully, if below zero temps are likely, I’m very asd to say It’ll be the car.

    • They are expensive compared with normal tyres, but after using them through last winter I can vouch for how good they are, yes, I still ride careful and slow compared with good weather, but I am still riding! (and saving a fortune in petrol)

      I had to scrape the car on the weekend, it was really frozen up and gosh, no wonder people look so unhappy in the mornings, I know I was. I think I’ll stick with the bike this winter.

  3. I go for a Buff covering my neck up to my lower lip, second Buff as a band around my face starting at top lip and going up to just below eye level and to finish off a hat. You look like a mummy but it’s very warm and you can breathe easily.

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