Abrasion puncture from damaged tyre #cycling

I’ve had three punctures in short succession from abrasions with the tyre where the surface is damaged (cut, sliced, worn, not sure sure which).
So I was going through these:

Like this:

(I’m proud I did a nice job of that one)
The Park Tool VP-1 Patch Kit does a pretty good job, no chalk or crayon though, so the child in me was disappointed.

I ordered some new tyres and whilst I was waiting for them I stuck patches (pre glued kind) on the abrasions to last me a couple of hundred miles:

I was impressed by the Super Patch kit by Park Tool, very sticky, so care required to not stick it to itself. They really protected the inner tube until my new tyre arrived.
I’m a vulcanising solution man for permanent repairs as the puncture repair at the top shows, but these pre glued ones seemed better fitted to this task (and quicker).

2 responses to “Abrasion puncture from damaged tyre #cycling

  1. Yes, I prefer solution too! During my puncture-every-other-day season last autumn I tried the Park self-stick patches. They were good enough to get home on. My friendly local bike repair shop told me they’d have stuck perfectly if I’d been a bit more vigorous roughening the tube!

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