Biannual mileage total update – #cycling #green #money

I’ve updated my spreadsheet and my biannual cycling mileage totals are:
2008 (H2) = 1600 miles
2009 (H1) = 1100 miles
2009 (H2) = 1400 miles
2010 (H1) = 1500 miles
2010 (H2) = 3500 miles
2011 (H1) = 3700 miles
2011 (H2) = 3600 miles

So I’m doing around 7000 miles per year on my bicycle rather than in a car, saving me a fortune!

See last post about this here

4 responses to “Biannual mileage total update – #cycling #green #money

  1. I kept a record of the first year’s expenditure on our hens. Each egg initially cost £8.81. By the end of the year it was a more reasonable 11p! With cycling the results are more immediate and encouraging. You feel better about things right away. Health, environment, finance- everything! 🙂

    • My experiences were a bit like that, started around £15 per ride LOL.
      I was spending a fair amount on cycling to start with so it’s taken a long time for it to save me money. The reasons for that are the initial cost of the bicycles, the changing seasons requiring expensive lights, winter clothes and so on. But now I’ve got all the gear and a great bike the costs are very low and we only have one car, so it’s saving a fortune. Comparing with the other sporting hobbies I’ve had, cycling is by far the cheapest and coupled with the commuting savings it’s saving me money.

  2. Oh dear, my yearly total is about 1500 miles. I need a longer bike commute if I’m going to catch up, 2 miles each way + 40 miles on the train isn’t going to cut it.

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