Light snow, to ride or not? #cycling #snow #winter

This morning I looked out onto the back garden and couldn’t even see the mess that I call my lawn, or the path to my “bike” shed

So I went out with a view of assessing whether it was suitable for commuting to work, it didn’t look good to start with

A closer look it wasn’t that deep

The garden dwellers weren’t happy either

Anyway, I decided I’d go for it and I wasn’t on my own either

My road was pretty virgin snow as nobody uses it, I failed to take a photo, I was having too much fun.

Busier side roads were more passable

The main roads were clear more or less and I arrived safely and happy I’d braved it and not resorted to using the car

(shame about that one, the lens must have misted up on my phone)

I’m looking forward to the Friday night ride home now, ride safe, have fun.


6 responses to “Light snow, to ride or not? #cycling #snow #winter

  1. I like the up-to-the-minute reporting! There’s been no snow here to speak of this year, but I don’t envy you yours! Well done. You’re brave all right! Safe travelling.

  2. Seeing your picture of the “busier side road” makes me glad I din’t try 200k on slick tyres.

  3. Can’t see in the picture, are you riding those studded tyres of yours?

    • Of course 🙂
      I ride my Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres from the time the temperature drops to below zero (normally the first frost) to the time it rises again. Even when the temperature isn’t cold it can still be slippy this time of year, so I leave them on until the weather has warmed up for good and not just a warm spell. Yes, they cost £10 to £15 more than a normal tyre I’d buy, but well worth the grip for safety even if the going is a bit slower / more drag.

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