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A nasty surprise in my cycling shorts #cycling

How and where it came from nobody knows (not that I have asked anyone):

And to compare this piece of metal with something I know the size of:

It was perfectly weaved into the hip of the shorts, so no injury was sustained, but I’ve no idea where it could have come from.

Commenting on the cons of cycling #cycling

I love my cycling, so I commented on someone’s post about the cons of it:

I’m totally pro cycling, so I dispute your cons 🙂

I dispute “You can’t control all the crazy drivers out there” because I get far more problems driving in rush hour than I do cycling. Maybe you haven’t really cycled that much?

Same for “You have limited space for storage”, bikes are tiny compared with cars and folding bike take even less space. They cost nothing to store too, no parking charges.

As for “Breakdowns and bad weather put a wrench in travels”, have you ever had a puncture in your car? I can fix a puncture on my bike with a 99p repair kit I can carry with me in my pocket and the pump that’s clipped onto my bike. To fix my car I need a tyre garage to be open and have to pay £15 for them to fix it or typically they won’t because it isn’t directly in the centre so you have to buy a new tyre. Yes, you do get fair weather cyclists, but I am not one of them, I cycle in snow and ice, I wear the correct clothing and have more fun than any car driver in the world!

Fresh road surfaces along my regular commute are a welcome back #cycling

What a joy, returning to my regular commute after a few weeks away only to find that the worst areas of my commute have been resurfaced. I was overcome with joy as I flew over the smooth roundabout at 20MPH that I used to have to slow down at and still risk losing my fillings. I’m sure it hasn’t made a noticeable difference to the speed of my commute, but it felt quicker and certainly more fun. I also tried to count them, but I’m not that good at that, so all I know is there are at least 4 separate pieces of road that Berkshire roads people have resurfaced. Bog all done for me in Surrey and Hampshire, but Berkshire is most of my commute anyway.

Another place that was starting to become annoying was a shared use path (one side painted for foot people, the other for bicycle people) where the paint was barely visible, the foot people just didn’t have a clue which side they should be walking on. I was months away (closer than it sounds) from actually making a complaint to the council. So the fact that it too has been repainted made me wonder what else was going to go my way on Monday, sadly nothing else out of the ordinary did, but the day still felt like Christmas to me.

I was also thankful for having such a good bicycle, it has performed through rain and snow with minimal maintenance, sometimes I take it for granted, but a break away from my machine makes me appreciate how good it really is.

Enjoy your ride.

Food tips

Surrey County Council are trying to cut household food waste and there are some interesting tips we can all benefit from:

I never thought you could freeze cooked rice for a start, even though ready meals are frozen, I assumed it was uncooked rice.

CTC renewal due #cycling @CTC_Cyclists #cats

You know when your CTC renewal is due, you get the letter through the post.
I looked at the date and thought, it’s OK, I’ve got ages, so the paperwork was carefully placed somewhere that I wouldn’t forget about it (also known as the filing cabinet [the floor]).
Weeks pass then the cat comes in with muddy foot prints and reminds me about it:

Thanks cat!

I’ve now signed up with direct debit payment, so I won’t be relying on the cat to remind me about my next renewal.

Further to The Times #cyclesafe campaign, register trouble spots page has been launched #cycling

Visit to enter road trouble spots. I quickly thought of two I’d like to see improved for my daily commute, any others are of less importance, but I’m sure I could come up with 20 or more if I really tried.

See also Join The Times and their cycle safety campaign

Cycle helmets, worth the bother or not? #cycling #safety

The @CTC_Cyclists tweeted “Dutch cycling union say helmets give ‘false sense of security’ and helmet law would be bad for health” see the article here.

I’ve had similar thoughts myself, other thoughts are mentioned in my post Helmet sir?.
Also please consider voting in the poll for fun, comment if you have anything you want to say.