Cycle helmets, worth the bother or not? #cycling #safety

The @CTC_Cyclists tweeted “Dutch cycling union say helmets give ‘false sense of security’ and helmet law would be bad for health” see the article here.

I’ve had similar thoughts myself, other thoughts are mentioned in my post Helmet sir?.
Also please consider voting in the poll for fun, comment if you have anything you want to say.


7 responses to “Cycle helmets, worth the bother or not? #cycling #safety

  1. Thanks for putting on the link to the Dutch cycling union, Tim. It seems people everywhere have the same disagreements on the usefulness, or otherwise, of helmets! I wear one. It does me no harm and may do some good. I don’t want to put it to the test!
    It’s only a matter of time before some dangerous driver, for example, will escape a severe penalty in court because the injured cyclist was deemed not to have taken sufficient care to avoid the results of a collision by wearing a lid. That’s what happened with seatbelts in cars.

    • Are you a CTC member? If not then you might want to check them out, they are really good at collecting these things together into a weekly update every Friday, though I don’t like reading about cycling deaths or people getting away with lethal driving.

  2. I’d wear a helmet, but I’m against forcing people to wear them.

    I feel pretty safe cycling in London, because there are so many other cyclists. Most of them aren’t wearing helmets.

  3. stromatoliteful

    I wear a helmet, I think a helmet is good because people need to expect the unexpected and its good to set an example. There are some stylish designs out there nowadays as well, I remember as a teenager finding it difficult to find one that fitted however. Ben

  4. Richard Burton

    If helmets are good, how come the evidence shows that they aren’t? All the real world evidence shows that you might as well carry a rabbit’s foot.

    Check out for a few facts.

  5. I’m afraid I don’t wear a helmet, though I do have one. I read somewhere that they aren’t much use to slow coaches like myself. Having said that, I believe I should, because drivers, are definitely getting more aggressive towards cyclists, as numbers of commuters increase.

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