Commenting on the cons of cycling #cycling

I love my cycling, so I commented on someone’s post about the cons of it:

I’m totally pro cycling, so I dispute your cons 🙂

I dispute “You can’t control all the crazy drivers out there” because I get far more problems driving in rush hour than I do cycling. Maybe you haven’t really cycled that much?

Same for “You have limited space for storage”, bikes are tiny compared with cars and folding bike take even less space. They cost nothing to store too, no parking charges.

As for “Breakdowns and bad weather put a wrench in travels”, have you ever had a puncture in your car? I can fix a puncture on my bike with a 99p repair kit I can carry with me in my pocket and the pump that’s clipped onto my bike. To fix my car I need a tyre garage to be open and have to pay £15 for them to fix it or typically they won’t because it isn’t directly in the centre so you have to buy a new tyre. Yes, you do get fair weather cyclists, but I am not one of them, I cycle in snow and ice, I wear the correct clothing and have more fun than any car driver in the world!


8 responses to “Commenting on the cons of cycling #cycling

  1. stromatoliteful

    I think you have some good points raised, and there are plenty of bikes that are designed for extra storage. It was interesting to hear someone say ‘you can’t control the all the crazy drivers out there’ because I thought thats what the law dealt with essentially so bad driving shouldn’t be a major problem ( I just thought of all the bad driving I have seen as I said that!)

    • I find the most bad driving is car on car.
      Cars failing to pull in after overtaking is a common one that gets a blast of the oncoming cars horn, but it still makes me jump even though it’s not directed at me.

      • stromatoliteful

        I see what you mean when a car is overtaking a cycle. I think about car horns as well in another instance because sometimes I get confused about whether a beep is in appreciation of something good or whether its out of annoyance or if its not directed at me at all. I don’t worry about it too much on the cycle home though. Maybe there should be different sounding horns to reflect peoples mood!!

        • If I guessed that 99% of car horn use isn’t for its intended purpose I wouldn’t be far off the truth would I? Most beeps are used in agression, closely followed by people saying hello to someone they know.

  2. I’m glad that you have solutions for those cons! I’ve never done a cycling trip, just around town/on trails and to work and school, but I am dying to do one, these were cons that I researched, actually.

    I have found that in my hometown though, while biking around, it’s much more terrifying to cycle than drive, mostly because around here it’s not as respected to cycle, and people are frustrated behind me and whip around me. I’ve been ran off the road a couple of times.

    When I said storage as a con, I meant for packing, not storing the bike.

    I can change a tire on my car, but haven’t had to do so on my bike, but nor do I carry a spare bike tire. So I can’t really speak from experience there.

    Like I said, these are just pros and cons I’ve researched, I think biking would be a fantastic way to travel, but I’m glad that you had arguments for each, it makes it weighted even more in favor of cycling.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences, where I live in the UK the cars aren’t that bad, you get the odd one you wish wasn’t on the road, but 95% leave enough space and drive at a reasonable standard.
      I’m a keen believer in not hugging the gutter, staying out in the road encourages cars to only overtake when there is space rather than squeezing past. It also gives you space to swerve into and avoid an incident rather than colliding with the kerb or car.
      Idiots overtaking whilst you are indicating and even turning right is a pet hate of mine (we drive on the left here), I even modified my route into work to avoid one particular right turn.
      It would be nice for speed limits to be reduced to the extent that cars are no longer rushing from A to B and also enforced speed limits would be better (though logistically difficult), I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people in the UK that drives around the limit rather than 10 MPH over it.

      There’s a lot of trailers, pannier bags and even bags/boxes to stash the actual bike in, lots of people take bikes on holiday, take massive amounts of gear with them and have a wonderful time. It’s apparently the best (and cheapest) way to really explore a country. Not done it myself, maybe one day.

      I guess you could call me a believer in cycling, for example my car sat idle today as I did the 37 mile round trip to work. I prefer the longer cycle journey as the shorter car journey is more depressing and stressful.

  3. To be fair, it’s taken me a long time to be in the position of an all weather cyclist. Proper clothes and full mudguards (so long before I accepted mudguards because I didn’t think they looked cool, now I will never be without them).

    From Radio 4s More or Less, the stats show that you are about twice as likely to get injured cycling as opposed to driving, but they may well include falling off doing “stunts” in the woods and even if they are correct that’s only the difference between driving on a motorway and an A-road, which is not something you’d normally factor in when deciding which way to drive. Of course, none of this factors in your hypertension risks if you only drive everywhere.

    I see that Ashleypaige4 responded to your comment. “because around here it’s not as respected to cycle”, made me laugh abit. I know it could be worse, but there’s not too much “respect” for the cyclist round here. Maybe it’s time to go live in the Netherlands, then I could ride a recumbent and never have to go up a hill again ;-).

    • You can’t beat a sensible bicycle and proper clothing (unless your journey is short).
      Your bike wasn’t sensible, it nearly is now, I’d like to see fatter tyres and a Rohloff though 🙂

      Let’s look at sporting injuries, is cycling up top of the list? I very much doubt it. If I didn’t cycle I’d be doing sports, so more likely to get injured I expect. But if I only drove my car I’d be a fatty and die younger. So I’m better off to be cycling and I’m sure the CTC would say it’s safer to cycle if you rate it per mile or some other measurement.

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