I want one, can’t afford one, but I want one

It’s been a dream to have a flying car, first off we were promised (yes promised) by science fiction writers of my childhood (and before then) that we’d all be flying our cars by the year 2000. Well, 2000 came and went, nothing extraordinary, 2010 came and went, again nothing to write home about. But now I see if I were rich enough I could have a flying car: Will sales of flying car take off?. I really love the folding mechanism, that’s pretty neat.

What I was wonder about these things is who would test fly one? Test drive, no worries, but test fly?
I think I’ll stick to land based transport for now, besides, the world comes to and end this year in the great flood doesn’t it?


4 responses to “I want one, can’t afford one, but I want one

  1. What a neat flying machine! I haven’t heard about the latest end of the world prediction but I do know that at the end of the Bible account of the Flood God says he won’t do it again!

  2. Like it.. Apparently it’s a licencing issue that keeps them from becoming more common. You need like 30 licences to build / use one.

    I still reckon mini Zeppelins are the future. Hot hydrogen…

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