Code name: Bluebell #cycling

It’s 07:30 and a Parcel Force van pulls up outside, I run to the door, I know what I’m expecting and I’m eager to get the box inside:

I let out a super childlike cackle, of course, I know what is inside and what more could a cyclist be excited about.
I’m limited on time, so I take the box upstairs to be opened in the evening, this was more difficult than you can imagine.

So the evening comes, again I’m limited on time, so I open the box:

I take a quick peek beneath the padding, I’m really looking forward to re-building my bike around this frame, but I have to put it back in the box until the weekend.

The frame is a Thorn Raven Sport Tour with Orbit XL II Headset and real Thorn forks, so it’s an upgrade over my battered old Thorn Raven Tour frame with forks of unknown origin! Whilst thinking about it, I will try and remember to add some posts about Thunder (the Raven Tour) when I have more time.


19 responses to “Code name: Bluebell #cycling

  1. I’m really happy with my one bicycle that does everything, on road, from shopping to long tours, but I can well appreciate the excitement of upgrading! Nothing beats building your own bike up from scratch! Have fun and please show us the results, when you have time, of course! 😀

    • I’m not trying to build a bike collection, honest.
      I really wanted proper Thorn forks, which cost £100 anyway, so I stretched further and got the frame too (second hand, nearly new).
      I will hopefully end with this frame setup as my normal (and nice) bike. With my old Nexus 7 speed (piece of junk) remaining the emergency / train station / leave anywhere bike. I will also have the old Raven Tour frame as a spare, unless I decide to sell it or have it repainted then sell it, not decided yet.

  2. How are you going to cycle when you’re half way through building the new frame from your current bike? I know you’re not the type to get everything new 😉

    • You’ve lost me, I take all the bits off and fit them onto the new frame, ah, OK, I remember, you don’t do anything yourself, you get the bike shop to do it for you 😛

      The two frames are very similar, Eccentric Bottom Bracket is different, but cables, v-brakes, stem, crankset, everything else is standard (or Rohloff standard).

      The only two issues I know I will hit are:
      – headset spacers (I might need some more)
      – fiddly little Rohloff bayonet connectors will undoubtedly need replacing.
      So I will try these two things first, once resolved it’ll take a couple of hours to migrate the components. If either are problematic I order the parts and leave my bike as-is until I have the parts.

  3. Because I’m being employed as a consultant on the project.
    I did the same, except in red….

  4. A Thorn frame eh, the stuff of my dreams. Looking forward to your posts describing your rebuild/upgrade. You’re getting me all mechanical, ooh!

    • Thorn Raven (Sport) Tours are more than just the frame, what makes it a good bike is combination of the quality frame, quality forks and Rohloff. I really love my Rohloff, there are things I’ve mentioned previously, but I’m not EVER planning on going back to deraileurs! If you can’t afford the frame and forks, you could get the Rohloff kit and fit to a standard 26″ bike, then upgrade the frame and forks when you have saved up enough.

      • My Raleigh Pioneer Venture GT 27-speed, which is a great bike, has 28 inch wheels, so does that mean Rohloff kit isn’t compatible?

        • You can spoke the hub into any rim you like (within reason). Generally you buy the kit and have it spoked into a rim of your choise, but you can save a fortune by buying a second hand one (99% of second hand ones are 26″), recent observations are it’ll cost £1K or more for new (and spoked into a rim), £500 for second hand (26″ rim on ebay).

          It seems a lot, but I spend more on my car repairs or depreciation per year.

          Obviously take the normal precautions when buying second hand, it’s too much money to not go and look at the item.

          • Thanks for the tips and advice, I’ve always fancied a Rohloff, ever since I first started admiring Thorn bikes, and reading about cyclists doing round world trips. It’ll be awhile but I think I’ll get one eventually.

  5. Hi Tim

    glad the frame arrived safely. I’ll send you a photo of the (electric) Raven Tour when I’ve finished the build.

    Have fun.



  6. Shouldn’t that be Code Name Bluebird, it is a raven?

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