So you think you’ve cycled a lot this past 12 months? #cycling

I thought my meagre 37 mile round trip to work (Monday to Friday) was a lot, but imagine 200 miles or more every day on a heavy 4 speed bike with only a few hours sleep every night!
BBC News – Tommy Godwin’s ‘unbreakable’ cycling record

I’m pretty sure that this is impossible even with modern kit and it really gives me a new sense of appreciation for athletes of yester year.


5 responses to “So you think you’ve cycled a lot this past 12 months? #cycling

  1. Nah, I think my 4 miles a day is pretty much comparable because I’m on a Brompton. 😉

    Seems like people toughen up when doing this sort of thing (see Eddie Izzard’s 60 marathons back to back), but spending a year of your life doing nothing else would be abit of a grind however much you like cycling.

    • Humans are very capable of amazing feats when they push to the limit, of course you could drop dead of a heart condition or whatever, so safer to go with the “gently does it” approach if you want to live into old age.

  2. Incredible, thanks for drawing this article to my attention. Like you, I do a, just under, 40 mile round trip commute. But 200 miles a day, wow! I presume Godwin must have been sponsored by someone? I’ll have to look it up. Cheers,

    • What’s really impressive is that it was EVERY day, no weekend days off! I really need my weekend to recover from the week, I couldn’t do every day.

      • I try to go out every morning, when I’m off work, 20 miles or so, because I love being out there. When we went to Malta, on holiday, I hired a bike for the week, it was fantastic, cycling along the sea fronts at 06.00-09.00 in the mornings. Back to the hotel for breakfast with her indoors, then the rest of the day to do as we please. I just love to be out on my bike in the early morning, fantastic!

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