New Tim record #cycling

Monday is the day for an attempt on the commute to work speed record, but I generally take it easy so I can last out the week.
This morning I didn’t even try to break any record, it just happened, I averaged 16.96MPH on my commute into work. I arrived at work feeling a bit hot and bothered, glanced down at my cycle computer and realised I must have been hammering it the last 5 miles 🙂
This is the quickest I’ve managed it since I de-electrified my bike, 17MPH is the barrier I’m trying to break as that was a normal fast commute when I used the Heinzmann kit.

I hope to break this on the first ride on codename: bluebell, but it’ll be a while before she’s ready to be abused.

Cycle safely and have fun!


4 responses to “New Tim record #cycling

  1. Well done on breaking the record and double well done for not trying! How many miles, what’s the traffic usually like and are there any hills? I never raced to work but, despite the prolonged and unrelenting climb back home, I rode at top speed! (Pretty slow though!) 😉

  2. 18.5 miles, sometimes traffic, but mostly I get by on left side, down the middle, right side, over the top… whichever way I can. If roads were empty without any traffic lights then 17MPH would be easily conquered already. There are a couple of what some would call small hills, anything that slows me down to 9 MPH is a hill in my book, so they are short hills 🙂
    My stable, reliable and comfortable (but heavy) setup does detract from my speed, but then again I’m not going to consider a road bike for my commute, erm, ever!
    I’m not a racer, but a race against the clock can sometimes be a fun challenge occasionally, especially if the weather is fair but uninspiring.

  3. Well done indeed, I’m miserable here, I’m nights tonight and because of other business, I’m unable to ride in……Doah!

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