Code name: Bluebell, the preliminary analysis #cycling

On Sunday I was able to spend an hour or two on bike stuff.

I checked the bayonet connectors… they aren’t that old, 12 months maybe, so I was hopeful that they hadn’t seized up in the winter salt. You see the problem with them is the grub screws are Stainless Steel and the body is Aluminium. Much like my Stainless Steel spokes and Aluminium Torque Nipples, throw in a winter of road gritting and surface water and you end up with a fused thread. Apparently grease helps, so I grease them whenever I replace them, only time will tell how effective it is. Anyway they aren’t fused this time and they will be OK to remove when I get to that stage.

Next up I roughly figured out what headset spacers I needed to order, I needed twice as many as I have on my Thorn Raven Tour. I decided plain alloy silver colour wouldn’t match the headset or anything really, so I opted to pay more and get the black. Rather than mixing colours I ordered enough for the forks and will keep the old ones as spares. Yes, I probably should cut the forks down, but I like the idea of being able to adjust the handlebar height to sit up and beg at a later date, I can always move spacers but can’t ever attach the piece of steerer back on!

See also Code name: Bluebell


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