New Tim record that wasn’t to be, gutted! #cycling

This morning I had a gusty tail wind and a real drive to get to work quickly as the rain wasn’t fun.
I knew I was going well, I felt strong and pushed hard.
13 miles in my speedo stopped working, it doesn’t like rain on the sensor for some reason, anyway, I had a look and my average speed was 17.48 MPH, well on track for the Tim record, gutted!
All I could go on was my estimated time of leaving and arriving, 1hr 6 minutes to do 18.5 miles, that’s 16.8 MPH, if you include stopping occasionally at lights and junctions then that’s bound to be over 17MPH rolling average.

Maybe next time.
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15 responses to “New Tim record that wasn’t to be, gutted! #cycling

  1. I was keeping pace with the cars on the stretch from your place to the lakes, so roughly 40 – 50 kph. Biblical rain and tornado style wind, absolutely brilliant.

    Think that will have to go in the record book with a large caveat.

    • Nice one.
      Normally I’d have enjoyed it, but I really didn’t want rain this morning, yesterday riding home in shorts and t-shirt was wonderful and I really did have a grump on this morning when I saw more rain ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. haha made me laugh – reminds me of my daily Muswell hill to White City 11 mile cross london commute. I used to fume if a light was red as the record was ruined …. my record 30m11sec – never broke the 30min barrier in the 6 weeks i did it although i did drop from 70kg to 63kg. Wish i had raced then …

    • I’m slightly heavier than you by the sounds of it and you must have had a fast bike for that speed. I love my bike, but fast it is not.

      Most days I’m more concerned about conserving my energy for the following days on the bike and I also tend to take it easier on the way home, but occasionally a fast ride is a welcome change and challenge.

      • it was a Klein attitude mtb with slicks … but I was 25 and that is sadly the reason ….

        • Sounds like it was a nice bike from the internet posts I’ve seen (
          Do you still ride it? What’s your commuting machine of choice now?

          • The Klein I still have – but single speeded with 32:14 for road and a set of 32:16 wheels for off road. Pace rigid carbon fork.
            Newer mtb is a rohloff titanium Carver 96’er (29 fron 26 rear)
            Road bike is a lynskey Cooper (nasty white accessories but bought SH)
            Other commute is a brompton folder ….
            Oooh i sound greedy now don’t I

            • That’s good. I can’t bring myself to go single speeded, I’m not strong enough on hills for it, I need my granny gears ๐Ÿ™‚
              96er, not heard of one of those before, Rohloff, nice, titanium, ooow, bare metal? I think I found it online, looks nice, I think I like the look of bare metal.
              A nice Ti road bike too, OK, that’s it….

  3. I tore into work at breakneck speed this morning too; somehow it wasn’t raining in Manchester… that must be a first!

    Coming home was another story. Hideous headwind ALL THE WAY with the occasional crosswind getting hold of the bike and threatening to throw me under the nearest piece of traffic. Only 7.5 miles each way for me but my thighs are feeling the strain tonight after trying to maintain a half decent pace in that headwind.

    • 14.1MPH on my way home, yep. same darn headwind problem.
      7.5 miles is a nice distance, short enough to not be too much, but long enough to make is feel like it’s worth getting the bike out for. On the odd occasion I bet you do an extra loop or detour on your way home? One problem with my commute is I never stray away from the route, there is no time to see where that road leads to, I’d never get home, this is a big shame really.

      • I moved up to Manchester from Birmingham last September so I’m still finding my way around but yeah, my commute has gone from a dead straight 6 miles to the more scenic (and less dangerous) 7.5 mile route I now use. As the days get longer, I’ll certainly be exploring some more alternatives and looking for additional loops I can add on.

        One major problem I have is a motorway crossing which is only possible on fast arterial roads… I just get out there and assert my position on the road but it doesn’t provide a very chilled out commute.

        • There are often hidden footpaths and cycle paths that cross over or under motorways, finding them can be tricky, but might be worth seeing if there is one nearby. I recall going on a CTC ride one time and they showed me routes I’d not seen before on a route I’d have been stuck on the busy road.

      • I was going to ask if you’d managed to record your speed on the way home. 14.1mph is pretty quick into that headwind. I was having to pedal the Brompton down a 10% hill! I think I would have made about 10mph on your length of commute.

        • I’m used to the route now, I now all the tricks to cut time off here and there and avoid being held up by traffic or overdoing it on a hill, I know the hills and how to take them, all these things really help the speed.

          I didn’t pay much attention on the way home tonight, but it often felt like the wind was holding me up and I wasn’t rushing as it was late too, still it was high 14s. This mornings ride was 16.1 which is acceptable given the sidewind.

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