Again, really, this damn average speed target #cycling

This morning I loosely attempted the Tim record again, I left late, the weather was lovely, sun, warm, “perfect, I’ve missed the rain” I thought.
The traffic was a bit heavy in places around the schools, but nothing that really held me up that much. I checked my speedo 2 miles from work and I was at 16.98 MPH average, one more hill and then the final sprint to the office. At the foot of the hill, gusting towards me, came the wind and a rain shower, gutted, average speed kept dropping and dropping down, from which there was no recovering. So close again, but finishing on 16.94.

Now to throw the bloody cycle computer in the bin…


6 responses to “Again, really, this damn average speed target #cycling

  1. My wife and I have Sigma speedos set identically, but they show slightly different trip distances which of course mounts up. Yes throw away your speedo after you’ve tried another one- it may improve your results for no extra effort on your part! (Or make your target even harder to achieve!) :-

  2. Dare I say it, you need TT bars…

  3. Can’t you get a Tim-biased cycle computer? I’m still impressed with your 16.94 m.p.h..

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