Should minicabs use bus lanes? #cycling #cars

You may have heard or read about a taxi firm against cyclists BBC: Addison Lee cab firm boss in cyclist comments row
But now it seems he’s been properly informed and has backtracked on a lot of his comments, hopefully support for cycling and cyclists will continue and we will hear less about this sort of thing in future, but the worrying thing is the man in the street actually thinks that way too, if only I had a penny for everyone who thinks ill of cyclists!

The latest is BBC: Should minicabs use bus lanes?

He says something like “Cyclists should undergo a cycling proficiency test”, but I’m not going to check it properly.
Anyway, yes agreed, so should pedestrians undergo a proficiency test. Drivers should be retested annually too. Great, I’m in, there’d be 99.9% of cyclists still on the road, 50% of pedestrians and 1% of drivers!

See you on a bike then pal!

3 responses to “Should minicabs use bus lanes? #cycling #cars

  1. Excellent! I’m with you! Let’s get a petition going! 😆

    • If I thought we could get anywhere I’d get the CTC to take on my idea. But unfortunately most decision makers are drivers too so they won’t shoot themselves in the foot by backing this.

  2. Yes, I’m in as well, we could present our petition to No. 10, how many signatures do we need?

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