Spring in the garden #garden #green #money

I went a bit mad this year and planted all the onion sets I bought in a 500g net, I’ve got onions everywhere! I need my neighbours to take up growing their own so we can share sets, seeds etc. Whilst we are deciding what to plant in the front, there are onions there too, at least it adds some green shoots rather than plain soil. Notably the sets in the front were untouched by the blackbirds, but there are a fair few missing out the back where they spend more of their time.

The new apple, plum and damson trees are showing signs of blossom and small leaves, but the old bramley is still pretty bare.

The raspberry is slowly sprouting some leaves, we really enjoyed the bush last year (our first year here), so I’m hoping it will provide a nice crop this year.

The strawbs are flowering nicely, they were poor last year, so fingers crossed! They are in big pots, I feel like planting them in the garden, but it’s another thing I should have done already and I don’t want to disturb them at this stage.

My runners are about 10cm high, slug munched, but hanging in there.

Broccoli and also leek seeds sown, eagerly waiting to see some growth there.

I’ve been meaning to plant my potatoes for some weeks now, they’ve sprouted (chitted) a little, but as they have been in a cool place they haven’t done that well. I keep putting them off as there’s a fair amount of digging to be done, but this weekend maybe…

I’m amazed how into this growing my own I’ve become, maybe my love of food and hate of spending money combines into a good (second) hobby for me. I do hope it’s worth it, we should save a fortune and really make the most of what I hope the garden will provide us.


4 responses to “Spring in the garden #garden #green #money

  1. An excellent blog! I must photograph my onion patch and we can compare plots. It seem to be a very good year for them! And just as well because that’s all the veg we’ve planted this year following two years of blight and greenfly! Well done Tim. Pic please!

    • I’ll see what I can do, the cat has mushed a few of them, but they are mostly looking healthy.

      Do you use seed potatoes? What variety did you have? Assuming it was pots that failed.

      • No pots but a goodly selection of tomatoes, courgettes, kale etc. The results of all the effort can be enjoyed in the Gardening category of my blog under Henthusiasm and Garden Harvest! Two years on and we’re still eating the chutney! 😉

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