Commuting to work Aus style? #cycling

An ex-colleague of mine moved out to Australia and has been part driving part cycling to work in the city (Brisbane, Queensland). He sent me a youtube video of the facilities he uses:

He said he pays $500 for 6 months which works out cheaper than the train fare costs. He also said “You need an electronic key to get in. There a CCTV cameras everywhere. They haven’t had a single bike stolen… most people (including me) don’t even lock the bike up”

I’m not aware of any such businesses in the UK, are you?

This is a good idea for cities, rather than having to add cycling facilities to every office at great expense, you have a central place nearby that is fully kitted out. Of course, paying a fair sum every year wouldn’t appeal to me, but then this does look a lot more posh than I’d go for. Of course cycling around doesn’t have to be and isn’t just for poor people, often car drivers look down on cyclists thinking they can’t afford a car, on the contrary, most cyclists ride bicycles that cost more than your heap of junk Fiesta or choose not to spend their hard earned money paying for that HP car you “own”.

CCTV and security guarded compound, yes, I’d pay a little for that. Full luxury showers, lockers etc, not sure, these sorts of luxuries make it seem like cycling is a hardship to endure and these facilities make it bearable. I don’t endure, I enjoy! Give me rain and snow any day over a traffic jam car journey at rush hour.
Maybe it’s a bit of an overkill for the likes of me and I’ll just stick to getting changed in a toilet cubicle.

Here’s looking forward to somewhere safe to keep my Bluebell.


5 responses to “Commuting to work Aus style? #cycling

  1. There’s no bike parking like this where I live, but I think I have a pretty sweet deal for commuting by bike. I ride a folding bike, so I can take my bike into the office and store it under my desk. No need to lock outside or pay for a bike garage.

  2. One or two times when I forgot my lock, I just took the bike in the office. No body said anything.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with employers bike locking up facilities. I dion’t mind underground car parks attached to the office, because people wandering in off the street will attract atention of some kind.

    Don’t know how I’d feel about locking it up in an accessible area. I’d take your approach I think and bolt on horrible looking light holders etc ;-). Alternatively, a folding bike to put under the desk.

  3. Wowee! That’s the way to do it! It all looks so smart and welcoming. It even has potted plants! What a super encouragement to cycle! When’s it coming to Britain? No don’t answer that! 😐

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