The Tim record has been SMASHED! #cycling


What started as a gentle (10 to 15MPH tailwind assisted) Friday evening ride home from work turned into what felt like what I expect a training session feels like. To start with I could feel I was enjoying the ride, it felt quick, but nothing extra special. It turns out the tailwind was the cause, anyway… at the 8 mile mark, I glanced at my speedo, ooowww, 17.2MPH, nice, if I give some I could beat the record, the decision was made, go for it!
I pushed hard, attacked the hills and give it as best I could.
By the 12 mile mark I was up to 17.5MPH, yes, the record would be mine, just keep pushing hard to put this one in the bag I thought. I continued on, pushing harder as I thought the last couple of miles would be slower, by the 15 mile mark I glanced down once more, 17.8MPH, hey, I’m not looking at the ODO again am I? Nope, that really was my average, oh, what the hell, let’s keep going and see what I can get up to.
Sure, the last mile was slower, but I held on for 18.0MPH!

The amusing part was it was up to 18.1MPH until I stopped on the driveway, it ticked down to 18.0 on the last wheel turn!
So my bluebell far exceeded my 17MPH target, now I’ve got my new record of 18.0MPH I’ll put that to rest and won’t be going all out like that for the forseeable future. Naturally the tailwind assisted, but I’m not letting that detract from my record 🙂

The previous record:
New Tim record

Previous attempts using Thunder:
New Tim record that wasn’t to be, gutted!
Again, really, this damn average speed target


5 responses to “The Tim record has been SMASHED! #cycling

  1. Hearty congratulations, Tim! 😀

  2. I always lose 0.1mph on the driveway..

    Awesome speed. Not sure if a tailwind is cheating in such ventures. I remember the ride home from the station being very fast yesterday and it’s the same direction as your route home. Don’t think I could have done that on your bike, even with the wind.

  3. Average effort got me to 17.9MPH on the way to work this morning, 6MPH tailwind, that’s pretty impressive I think.

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