The garden is recovering from Mr Badger

After investing lots of time in the garden this year I was looking forward to eating the produce starting late summer. A couple of weeks ago Mr Badger came through, trampled lots of my onions, seedlings and young runner bean plants.

I felt pretty down about it and couldn’t bring myself to blog about it either, so I didn’t mention it. I took my mind off it by finally getting my spuds planted and now I can see them breaking the surface already, that cheered me up.

Thankfully Mr Badger has not been back since and the garden is showing signs of recovery.
Most of the onions he trampled are a bit lopsided, but seem OK.
Some seedlings haven’t recovered, but I’ve got plenty anyway.
I had a few spare runner bean infants growing in the door-less greenhouse that I have since transplanted to replace those that didn’t make it, the tally there is now back up to 10 plants with the hope of 5 surviving.

Wilkinsons have their fruit bushes half price at the moment, last weekend I took a gamble on a red grape, I’m not a huge fan, but at £2, if it grows it will be wonderful I’m sure and worth a punt at that price. I’ve potted it in the greenhouse and I’m hoping it will catch up.

I cut the grass last weekend, it needs cutting again, seems like the nice weather we had has started things going.


4 responses to “The garden is recovering from Mr Badger

  1. What a disappointment. Your visitor might have been welcome if it hadn’t been for the damage. Let’s hope the veg recovers and the harvest isn’t greatly affected by the ‘thinning’. On the subject of fruit, we had a grape vine which lived outside the greenhouse but fruited inside. The best of both world’s but the grapes were rather sour. Wilko’s is a good place to buy seed and you’ve done particularly well with your £2 bush! We’re filling in the gaps in our vegetable patch with small perennials, scattering the seed before we go on holiday in hopes of a nice surprise when we come back!

  2. James loves our (green) grapes. When they’re ripe, he takes his mates down the garden to scoff them off the bush.

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