May sun takes affect

A retrospective post about how the garden looked on 26th May.

The leeks remain unchanged, still looking like blades of grass and starting to be overtaken by grass and weeds. I’m a bit fearful of weeding them, I’m sure to pull out a lot of them in the process, so I’m going to leave them alone but as a result I’m not very hopeful of a worthwhile crop either. Mental note: next year plant in seed trays and then transplant when larger, that’ll give them a head start above the weeds.

The broccoli seedlings are starting to make themselves known and showing above the weeds:

Since this photo was taken I have weeded this area and the broccoli seedlings are looking healthy, I have lost a few, but still plenty to give a good crop.

The runner beans are climbing nicely:

The jam jar on the right is my beer trap for the slugs, they just keep coming.

And the potatoes have rocketed up:

And they’ve got even bigger since, the recent rain will aid them further.

Onions aren’t developing much, so nothing to report there.

Onto fruit, not a huge development, strawbs look plentiful, raspberries not showing as fruit just yet, but the biggest development is the Damson tree, we have fruit:

Ah, in this photo you can also see where I planted a few spare seed potatoes in the soil pile, they are growing well there too.

I’m planning on growing some lettuce too, I might be taking on too much, but I’m sure I’ll cope.


9 responses to “May sun takes affect

  1. With plenty of water you’ll have a market garden full of goodies! Well done! πŸ™‚

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  3. Just like DIY, I love the idea of gardening and growing my own. Sadly, I haven’t had the patience or the persistence to do a good job. II’m glad to say that age has softened my attitude, nigh on 62 now, and I’ve even managed to do a bit of DIY, papering, sealing the shower. A couple of years ago I would throw my dummy out of the pram if things didn’t work first time. But now I am finding that bit extra patience and persistence, and I believe it’s directly related to me pedalling regularly. Even my maniacal (mechanical) skills on the bike are improving. Now where are my Percy Thrower videos?

    • Someone called me Percy Thrower the other day, I had no idea who they were talking about… before my time πŸ™‚

      • I won’t show you my back garden, it’s a tip. My youngest son has taken an industrial strimmer to it this week, so it’s looking alot tidier, but my wife also wants a garden to grow stuff in? There is a load of work to clear and dig the ground to do that. Fortunately, these current deluges of rain, won’t allow me to get stuck in. πŸ™‚

        • Ha ha haaa, been there only it was me wanting to do the growing.
          Start off by getting seed trays, grow the seeds in the trays with compost until the wee seedlings are ready for the soil, by that point you will have had enough time to dig a patch big enough for planting in. Letuce is a good starting one I expect. Whatever you plant be prepared for slugs and snails, either with pellets or beer traps.
          My advice on the digging is turn the soil quickly with a fork on day one, don’t overdo the weeding, you’ll be there all day. On subsequent days you can dig the soil again and remove the roots, weeds, grass etc. Better still get the wife to weed the dug over area, after all, you’ll have done the hard work. I found grass the most time consuming to remove without losing all the soil into the bargain. It’ll be hard work the first time, but a dug over and maintained bed requires far less effort in future.

    • Gardening is a slow going thing, I keep checking (daily or twice a day) looking for progress, I try not to touch it unless it really needs attention or watering, but at the moment the weather is helping me with that. The biggest effort was preparing the ground, taking out old roots etc, should be easier next year though I hope. So, yes, patience is essential and I’m trying my best with it.

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