Cat chewed my bike light charger #cycling

This weekend was a lovely rest and gave me some time to spend on the garden and I didn’t do any cycling at all.
This is very fortunate because yesterday I noticed the cat had chewed through my Air Bike Ever Light SL1 battery charger and the battery no longer charges. This meant I had to do an emergency repair of the cable and I’m now searching out a replacement or alternative lighting solution.

I’ve posted up on the CTC forum hoping to get some advice from the beardies, I’ll keep you posted on what they come up with and what I eventually decide on.

To anybody who reads this: I’d love to know your suggestions too please.


5 responses to “Cat chewed my bike light charger #cycling

  1. Jimmy Phoenix

    How badly is the cable damaged? I’m embarrased to admit to cutting through my hedge trimmer cable (with my hedge trimmer) more than once. I just stripped the insulation, used a good waterproof connector to rejoin the cable and wrapped the joint in electrical tape.

    Crude, but effective. The theory should work with bike lights too, I’d think. Hope it helps.

    • My repair works for now. I’m sure the lamp is nearing the end of it’s life, the reflector is water damaged, the lense has a tiny crack in the corner and the cable was patched up last winter, but it still works.

      Sometimes I wish things just out and out broke, then the decision on replacing them would be much easier.

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  3. This reminds me of the time we heard a bang in the kitchen and discovered that the fitted fridge freezer wasn’t working any more. After enlisting the help of a friend to remove the thing we found our missing gerbil and his final piece of modifying of the mains cable. 😦

    • Yikes, that’s a sad story. As a child my rabbit nearly did the same with the TV cable, we spotted her before it was too late, I have no idea how I would have coped without TV.
      Fortunately for the cat the charger wasn’t on and it was the 4-5V output cable she chewed through.

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