Garden update

Last night I posted a snapshot of the garden on 26th May, well a fair bit has changed since then, I mentioned some of the changes, but I thought some more recent photos would be nice, so here’s another update…

Can you spot the leek seedlings?

Here’s one, the tell-tale folded leaf on the seedling:

The potatoes have exploded, here’s a photo to compare with the last post:

I earthed them up on the weekend:

And even the spares growing in the soil pile have really come on:

The broccoli look happy now I’ve weeded them:

The cat features in the top corner of the photo, she was around my feet for most of the time, sucking up after eating my charger cable!

The runner bean race was won and the strongest looking one did indeed reach the top of the fence first:

Another Damson picture, look carefully and you’ll see a fair few damsons:

I’m looking forward to educating those who never tried a damson 🙂

The raspberry bush is looking plentiful, the children will enjoy these this year:

The strawbs are looking much better this year:

Last year I eat most of them, maybe this year others will too.

Finally, not strictly garden related, but I’m trying bean sprouts (Mung beans). A tablespoon full, warm water and a jam jar:

Placed in a box (padded with news paper so it doesn’t tip up:

Closed up to keep the light out:

This is trial and error, we’ll see how they go.


4 responses to “Garden update

  1. Great stuff in your garden, Tim! We haven’t sprouted mung or any other beans for years! We used to do it on blotting paper to be sure they wouldn’t grow mould, then ‘progressed’ to a quite unnecessary set up with bowls and covers. It was fun and in good taste too! 😀

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