Bicycle bottle cage DIY #cycling

The problem

Small bottles fall out of bottle cage, like so:

The solution

Make a sleeve to hold it.

What you need:
– 1 litre squash bottle, high juice or similar
– Sharp knife (and protective gear if you aren’t handy)
– Lighter / olympic flame

What you do:
– Cut the top off the bottle with the knife (wearing protective gear if you need to)
– Melt around the top / cut with the flame


I like to use small water bottles that can be recycled and replaced at low cost, that way the bottle never gets filthy dirty or too much hassle to clean off the bacteria build up:

In summer I often use high juice bottles instead.
In heavy rain your sleeve will collect water, so you might want to also pierce a few holes in the bottom.


7 responses to “Bicycle bottle cage DIY #cycling

  1. Good tip! When we left our cycling water bottles behind at a B&B I tried to buy ordinary water bottles to fit the carriers. Barbie’s holder is the usual type and it worked; mine are fancy and it didn’t! The dear lady at the B&B posted our bottles home so all is well again. But I like the idea in your blog which I’ll remember for next time! šŸ™‚

    • I don’t actually own a bicycle bottle. The small water bottles and 1litre squash bottles are all I ever use. One a week, at the end of the week into the recycling it goes before it gets unhealthy. We use a little squash almost every day, so there are often empty squash bottles ready for me, otherwise I take a fresh small water bottle.

  2. You could make a carbon fibre one and sell it for Ā£50 to racers.

  3. With “aero” holes of course (eliptical and asymmetric, not round). Maybe even turning vanes on the side to deflect air around the rear wheel.

  4. Did you have a former life as a Blue Peter presenter? Sadly, being a cack-handed Blue Peter watcher, I need all the protective gear available to construct your water bottle holder. Thanks for sharing such a green alternative. Cheers.

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