I consider myself retired at weekends… I relax, potter around the house or garden, but I don’t cycle, so I’m hoping my retirement will be more of the same but with cycling in there too. I’m looking forward to that, my work is generally good, nice people and I enjoy the commute via bicycle, but it all takes up too much time. I never have enough time, retirement will give me time to do whatever I want, that will be nice.

With regards retirement planning, I think the best anyone can do is live within their means, save and pay into a pension (alongside employer). Notice I put pension last, it is and always has been important, but with recent pension issues I would never solely rely on that any longer.

Modern people don’t seem to live within their means, we are well into the credit age.
I have always saved hard and not wasted money on gadgets etc – if you have a fancy mobile phone on contract then you are not me! – nor do I have a fancy car, my car is an aging Hyundai Amica, soon my bicycle will be worth more than my car.

Retirement will happen, I look forward to embracing it or getting a second and third job to pay my crippling debt.

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All I seem to hear, these days, is talk of retirement and pensions. Quite frankly, it’s getting me down, very probably, because I don’t believe that I have provided adequately enough for our dotage, and it’s far too close. I am sixty-one and a half.

I’m the oldest of 18 plus employees at the power signalbox where I work, by about 8-10 years, the youngest is in his late twenties, the majority 35-45. Retirement and how much pension they’re going to get is a major topic of conversation. Talk about wishing your life away.

Some while ago, I mentioned, in this blog, that I felt retirement was a bit scary. Others commented that it was to be embraced as an opportunity to do the things I have always wanted to do. Well that would be hard, when I still have responsibilities and people who depend on me. Sure, I’d love to drop everything and…

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