Garden July update #gardening

While the rain took a rest I thought I’d take another garden snapshot.
First up the broccoli has started to get bigger now and finally started to grow the erm… broccoli?

Next up over the last two weeks I weeded the leeks, the furthest ones grew noticeably while the others awaited weeding
New potatoes / earlies (Arran pilot) should be ready
So I picked a plant to investigate
Alas, there were only 6 small pots, so I think I’ll leave them another couple of weeks (the bucket is a very small bucket!)
Note: I had previously earthed up the potatoes and later emptied grass cutting on them too, mainly because the composting bin was getting full but also because it is meant to keep moisture in and suppress weeds.

The runner beans are still climbing, not many leaves, but they’re flowering

The onions are still a mess, some look strong but I’m not that hopefully at the moment.
We’re getting a nice supply of raspberries and some small strawberries.
I’m currently growing salad leaves on the windowsill and the beginnings of some lettuce are in the greenhouse.

I’m enjoying this relax and rewarding hobby thus far, impatience is hard to overcome, but I’m sure next year will be easier as I’ll know what I’m doing and what to expect.


2 responses to “Garden July update #gardening

  1. Excellent! Your beans are doing particularly well to have flowers; ours suffered severe slug damage and are only just staggering up the sticks. We’ve given up growing spuds and tomatoes – the ground has blight. Your spuds will be ready when the haulms die off. Your leeks have made a good start too. They’re a tough breed and will stand any amount of winter weather and – a big bonus – slugs don’t like them! Well done all round. 🙂

    • My garden is full of slugs, between them and the cat, I’m amazed anything is surviving. Apparently slugs lay 100 eggs at a time, the spanish super slugs apparently lay 400 eggs at a time.

      I’ve already killed a huge number of slugs with beer traps and slug pellets, yet they are still causing damage, I expect I’d have nothing left if I didn’t use pellets. As this is my first year trying to grow anything I thought I’d use pellets against the slugs, maybe next year I will try harder to avoid using them. Kudos to you for not using any.

      Slugs don’t eat leeks? Excellent news!
      I had written them off as they had been overtaken by grass and were difficult to weed, but I persisted and they had often rooted deeper than the grass, so with care I could save a lot more than I thought possible. Next year I’ll start them off in the greenhouse, same goes for the broccoli, then they’ll be bigger and established before the weeds take over.

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