Finding new homes for new friends

This picture says it all….


6 responses to “Finding new homes for new friends

  1. Oh dear! I hate to be a spoilsport, but you have a harlequin ladybird on your brassica. Harmonia axynidis succinea to be exact. They eat our native ladybirds and larvae. I’ll post a photo on my page.

  2. Yes they eat all lavae and aphids and anything that comes their way so that’s the good bit! The bad bit is they’re not fussy if their dinner is a gardener’s friend or enemy. Not only do they eat our ladybirds but they out-compete them too. I’ve never seen one up here in the North Midlands but I read that they’re moving this way. I think they started out in China so from your garden to mine is a little hop. I’ll put a link to a website on my WordPress page if I can get to it. (I keep getting a notice saying the server’s busy, so I haven’t been able to finish my ladybird post!) I’ll also try to see how we’re supposed to deal with the little blighters. Anyway, well spotted Tim!

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