Garden July update 3

I dug more early potatoes yesterday and there’s a mix of tiny, small and mid sized. I was fairly happy but they were taken from me before I could photo them, they tasted nice the next time I saw them though. There’s a couple of kilo left, but a photo now wouldn’t do it justice.
A couple of bits of the broccoli have bolted, I expect more will too, but I’m ready to harvest the small heads before I lose them. It also has got black aphids or flies, i keep shaking them off, but I might have to come up with one of those magic potions to kill them. No photos again sorry. Some plants have been pigeon nibbled, I’ve put up some netting and that has protected it a little, more netting is required and the time to do it too.

Anyway the reason for this blog entry is the runner bean progress, I haven’t seen any wildlife eating them thus far and I’m starting to get excited
The tip of the plant in the last photo was heavily loaded with flowers but I accidentally snapped it, I was gutted, but it has promoted growth of the beans rather than climbing, so it might not have been such a bad thing.
I’ve covered the roots with grass cuttings to try and retain moisture in the soil now we’re going to get some summer.

Not a lot of other developments other than I’ve given up on the onions in the back garden, next year I’ll plant where the cat won’t destroy them. There’s still hope for those in the front garden and I gave them a good watering can full of feed, just so they know I’m looking after them.

The onions in the back garden have been my biggest disappointment and probably one that i’ve spent the most time on. In reading online forum posts I see gardening for food isn’t always fun, keep your chin up, spread your bets and enjoy what works. There are always other things you can grow, other varieties, other ways (e.g. Grow bags when the soil has blight), etc. Never give up, you’d have to weed that patch either way!


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  1. I’m impressed.

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